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In Industrial pumps Boyser find the Lobe pump you need for the food industry, water treatments, ceramics and all types of companies dealing with liquids and thick fluids.

Rubber coated rotary lobe pumps_1 1
Boyser 1 Lobe pumps Rubber coated rotary lobe pumps

Industrial Rotary Lobe Pumps with rubber coated rotors, working pressures up to 10 bar. Flow rates from 10 to 120 m3/h, versions in stainless steel AISI-420 or AISI-316, different...

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Sanitary lobe pumps 1 1
Boyser 1 Lobe pumps Sanitary Lobe Pumps

Boyser Sanitary Lobe Pumps have all parts in contact with the fluid in Stainless Steel AISI- 316L. Flow range between 500-40.000 l/h and Max. Pressure up to 12 bar. There is a...

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